Randy (13 Aug 2011)
"Great Analogy on the radio about Finding Salvation and KEEPING Salvation....."

Yesterday on the radio, from David Jeremiah.........
He told of the guy who used to walk a tight-rope across Niagra Falls many years ago.  Even once, he had a guy climb on his back and they both went across the falls on the rope.
Well.....here's the comparison to finding and keeping our Salvation...
Finding our Salvation through Jesus Christ:
So, we in essence, CLIMB on the back of Jesus as He has offered to pay the price of our sins through His death on the cross.....and He starts to walk on the rope, with us on His back,  across the dangers of falling into the falls.  (eternal death from sin)
Keeping our Salvation, after being saved:
but then.......half way over the the falls on the rope, we decide to get off.  And we tell Jesus......."that's ok.  I'm going to go the rest of the way by myself."
Now.....who would ever do that?? !!
No......we needed Jesus to give us our Salvation....and we need Jesus to CONTINUE to PROVIDE us with out Salvation.
If I had to do something to EARN it......I could NOT be "good enough" to do that.
If I had to do something  to KEEP it.....I could NOT be "good enough" to do that either!!
I've heard this twice in the past 2 weeks, from two different teachings on the radio, said in 2 different ways.....  good reinforcement.
But this one was a picture story that stuck with me!