Phil (25 Aug 2011)
"5.8 Quake in Virginia to 9.0 Quake in Japan"

John and Doves,
Some have already written about this unusual event.
It is also worth noting that the 9.0 quake in Japan was at  38.322 deg N and the one in Virginia was at 37.936 deg N ie almost the exact same latitude.
Also, on Google Earth the shortest distance (through Alaska) between the two locations is 10,609 kilometres or 103 x 103 kilometres.
Note here that the ONLY divisors are 103. Note also that the 10,609 kilometres is the exact figure I measured the first time. ie I didn't fiddle with it at all.
The day gap is 165 days or 33 x 5 days.
Interesting eh?
Keep looking up,