Paul Wilson (5 Aug 2011)

there is no way ANYONE can take anything out of his hands. the fact you pray repeatedly shows the level of love for your grandchildren and the level of concern for them. there is NOTHING wrong in continuing to ask God to help them and bring them back safely. did not Daniel pray 21 days till the angel came he didn’t just pray and leave it alone. in no way does continuing to pray for someone show lack of faith.
Beverly (4 Aug 2011)

My heart is so full at this moment, I feel like it will explode!  We have custody of 2 of our grandchildren,
Kenni Ann (6) & Noah (3).  It has been almost 3 weeks since my step-daughter (their mom)
Alisa ran with them.  She is very very unstable..she lives from hotel to hotel & drugs are her
BIGGEST concern.  School starts the 8th & we are no closer to finding them than when we
started.  I keep on praying over & over for their safety & family says I am
supposed to ask the Lord for help & then let go of it..have faith.  They say that when I
keep praying about it I am taking it back out of His hands...but so help me ya'll I can't
seem to be able to do it, let it alone!  We have raised the babies since birth, they have never
lived w/their mom...please, please don't forget us in your strength is running
out I feel like I am at a dead end with no where to turn...well run would be a better word maybe.

Much love ysiC,

ps I will certainly post you all when they are home or if we get a solid lead!