Paul Wilson (29 Aug 2011)
"What is Your Favorite Food for the Wedding Supper Menu"

I like mac and cheese with crispy fried chicken legs and thighs (I like dark meat)(they should have the colonel’s recipe up there). I like cooked asparagus for a vegetable. For dessert I like the black tie mousse cake at olive garden (they should have this recipe up there too). I also like the Sopapillas like they used to have at Chi-Chi’s years ago they are a pastry triangle puffed up a bit and you can dip them in a strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, or honey. Either a gelato, frozen yogurt, ice cream, or frozen custard would be good with them. Preferably chocolate with some chunks of chocolate, brownie or fudge in it and some veins of fudge.
To complete the dinner I like regular garden salads with some bacon bits and croutons but with Caesar dressing. Sushi isn’t bad as an appetizer but so is spinach artichoke dip. For soup as good hearty one like a vegetable with beef. To drink a virgin strawberry daiquiri and a glass of wonderful wine that could only be made in heaven.
What would you like???