Paul Wilson (27 Aug 2011)
"RE: Can Nibiru be seen on Google Sky Maybe!-info needed"

Using the first numbers HMS the black area appears to be 2 M in diameter and the blue green part appears to be 22 S in diameter. Anyone know how to change this into miles of diameter??? Also when you click the historical it is entering the forearm of Leo. Also something is hidden mostly, through a black box, at 13 H 47 M and between –8 and –9 degrees (lower then the possible Nibiru object which is at +13 degrees) also infrared mode. this is to the left of the possible Nibiru object and is at Virgo's knee. Could just be a regular star but kind of odd that that box is there.
Dru (26 Aug 2011)
"Can Nibiru be seen on Google Sky? Maybe!"

Dear Doves,
Some think that Nibiru can be seen on Google Sky. Want to check it out? Simply go here:
Now type in "mercury" in the search bar, and then click Search ...then click the Infrared box in the upper right-hand corner. Look in the far left corner of the picture and you will see what some claim is Nibiru. You need to use Infrared to see it, since Nibiru is a brown dwarf. When you move the hand to the center of Nibiru it should read 9 hrs. 47 minutes.