Paul Wilson (26 Aug 2011)
"Re: For Doves a BIG earthquake is coming!"

I clicked on what Valerie linked to above your post and the golden gate is San Fran which I imagine like most big cities has sky scrapers. If it is there I pray that Culver City in LA area is not too damaged my uncle lives there and is basically a quadriplegic so really couldn’t get away. he is a SDA so I don't know what he believes regarding the Lord. There are also several cities near the New Madrid with sky scrapers, St. Louis is one where much of my mom’s family lives, I keep having the feeling the one that will hit it will be a 10+ on the Richter scale.
Marcus (25 Aug 2011)
"For Doves:  a BIG earthquake is coming!"

Last month I was given a very strong warning dream from the Lord and I posted it on RFTH.  In the dream, I was sitting at a large, round table outside.  It was evening and I was having a discussion with some leaders from my church.  Suddenly, the ground underneath us rotated sharply to the right about 180 degrees!  We all jumped and said, "What was that???"  when we were given the sudden knowledge from the Lord:  the BIG earthquake is next!
I had this dream on July 14th.
Yesterday, Dr. Ouwer was shown a vision of a historic earthquake happening somewhere in the Western world.  He said it would happen in the evening (because he saw the city lit up) and he saw skyscapers in this city.  He also said the city lay in a valley.  He said that the earthquake caused the ground to literally rotate counterclockwise!  THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I SAW IN MY DREAM!
I don't know what else to do with this information than to say PLEASE PREPARE.
I live in California, near Sacramento.  I don' t know if this earthquake is for us or if I was shown something that will happen elsewhere.  But PLEASE, everyone, prepare.
Last week, I was suddenly overcome by the Spirit and the need to pray for mercy.  He showed me that a judgement was coming that could not be revoked.  We could only pray for protection and mercy for the people.  I believe that this is the earthquake and it is coming SOOON.