Paul Wilson (23 Aug 2011)
"Seeing a New Star or is it Elenin?"

When I look out in the night I see a bright star on the side of the moon several moon lengths away from it (it depends on when I look as to exactly how far away to moon is) I have seen it 2-3 nights/early mornings now. There usually isn't a star there so I am wondering is it elenin??? Any thoughts?? It is not directly above me slightly south east of me but close to overhead. It is brighter than other stars I see and there really aren't that many to see where I am. When I lived a few miles from my current location (1.5-2 mi) there were plenty of stars but here hardly any but it makes noticing something new easier. I am in Missouri about the middle of USA to give you a reference point to figure where I would be seeing things verses where you are.