Paul Wilson (20 Aug 2011)
"living in the New Jerusalem"

Curious do you think couples who are married here an earth would live together in the New Jerusalem?? Like in the same house???? For example would my grandma and grandpa live together or each have their own house??? (they were together till she died and he died 3 1/2 months later so no remarriage)
I realize divorce and remarriage would complicate the issue (especially a instance like it was his 2nd marriage and her first so you couldn’t just say they would be with the first spouse) so for the sake of this question let us focus on those who were only married once no divorce. if you want to comment on those who divorce and remarried or those who divorced but didn’t remarry or those who remarried after their spouse died that is ok but I am mainly interested in the couples together “‘til death do us part” and no remarriage after one dies.
I know some think we wont have houses in the New Jerusalem just rooms/apartments so if you believe that you can form your answer about the rooms/apartments.
Please do answer as I am curious what people think.