Paul Wilson (2 Aug 2011)
"New Moon Sighted - Fifth Biblical Month starts AUG 2nd"

Karaite Korner Newsletter #525

New Moon Report
August 2011
Fifth Biblical Month

On Monday August 1, 2011 the new moon was sighted from Israel. The moon was first sighted:

*from Jerusalem by Yoel Halevi at 7:38pm and shortly thereafter by Nehemia Gordon and Devorah Gordon;
*from elsewhere in Jerusalem by David Cachicas, Gabriel Cachicas, and Daniela Cachicas at 7:40pm;
*from Ariel by Frank Mecklenburg and Charlotte Mecklenburg at 7:42pm;
*from Haifa by Aaron Amihud at 8:06pm.

It was impossible to sight the new moon from Israel on the previous evening, July 31, 2011.

I posted my photos of the new moon taken from Jerusalem at:

Rosh Chodesh Samaech!
Happy New Moon!

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel