Paul Wilson (19 Aug 2011)
"RE: Re Charles - My sons dream"

11 is a real cute age too approaching the peak of cuteness (12-14). After that they are old enough to be called handsome since they don’t look boyish anymore but more grown up. My cousin is 13 1/2 maybe they can hang out up there after the rapture. I am hoping for 24 kids to care of/raise in heaven. 18 of them boys. I have names for them and everything. I love kids so that many to raise would be awesome.
jdb (18 Aug 2011)
"Re: Charles / My sons dream"

Nathaniel will be 11 next month, but too few?  Oh my word!  I do wonder often if I irked Him by not having more kids…but have asked Him to forgive me!  Thanks for who you are and what you do in Him…He is glorified!

Paul Wilson (17 Aug 2011)
"Re Charles - My sons dream"

I love their names. 7 and 8 are cute ages. how old is Nathaniel?? Of course 3 sons is so few you should have at least 5 or 6 more. maybe 9 and have a even dozen like Jacob/Israel.


I have a young cousin named Nathaniel! He and his brother are so cute (redheads naturally) and mean a lot to me.




jdb (16 Aug 2011)
"Re: Charles / My sons dream"


I am so right there with you Charles! 


Just finished dinner with my two youngest boys, Zachariah and Benjamin (8 and 7).  I often make it a habit of reminding our sons to pay attention and remember their dreams so they can share them with me!  Tonight at the dinner table I asked Benjamin and Zachariah if they had any dreams last night Benjamin responded that he did, so I asked him to tell me about it and this is what he shared in his words:


I was asleep and an angle came to me and said, come with me'!  Then the angle took me to heaven and took me to Jesus.  The first thing Jesus said to Benjamin was Welcome Home!   that you and mommy  and Nathaniel and Zachariah and I had been made holy and that He was coming to get all of us very soon!  And then the angle brought me home and that was it!


I began to ask investigatory questions to try to discern if Benjamin was running with his imagination.  I asked question like what did Jesus look like, did you see where the nails went through His hands, etc, to which Benjamin replied in the affirmative.  I also asked him things like was it daytime or night time in Heaven, to which he replied, it was daytime but light was everywhere not from the sun, but everywhere!  I asked another investigatory question, did the angel have a sword with him?  I asked this question because Benjamin is 7 going on 8 and is, as with most boys, infatuated with weapons and the like!  Benjamin stated that the angel did not have a sword with him! 


I believe Benjamin was indeed escorted to Heaven to speak with Jesus!


I also and right there with you on the Noah paradigm nobody wants to know!  My wife (very good wife and mother) will literally get up and walk out of the room when I begin talking about end time prophecy and issues!  People I work with people everywhere it seems, could care less they just don't want to talk about it much less acknowledge it! In many cases I am talking about God loving and God fearing people!  Could it be a salvation issue?  What is it?  Why aren't people excited?  Why do people avoid the issue?  What do you think?


Thanks for posting. Praise God!







Charles (15 Aug 2011)
"My sons dream"

We were at a wedding last night. I called it a Noah wedding my wife did not like the reference. No one has a clue what is coming. The only two comments that I heard were someone could see why New Orleans had the hurricane he was there and it's a den of inequity. I thought do you realize the whole world is under judgement as well. Well everyone was drinking and eating and dancing I drank cranberry juice and looked to see if there was any way to open a conversation with anyone about the coming tribulation. Not quite wedding chat. Well we came home and I woke my son up this morning and he said to me dad I had a dream last night. He is five and had been praying for Jesus to talk to him. He said he dreamed as he was waking up there were two earthquakes one turned our house 90 degrees to the right the other turned it upside down. He is five I talk to him
About Jesus and that he is coming soon and when he heats the trumpet it's time to go to Heaven but he has not seen the commercials. I walked into my wife and said did you hear. I am telling you the truth. She made bug eyes and warned me not to say anything to him to upset him. Well Jesus talked to my son and He showed him what's coming. Behold your sons will dream dreams and your daughters will see visions before the great and terrible day of the Lord. He who has ears let him hear. As a watchman I had to share this no one in my life wants to hear. I do I want to go home and be with Jesus and my son. FYI my wife told me after the tsunami in Asia three weeks after she forgot she had a dream a few weeks before of standing in a building and watching water rush at her and waking up.