Paul Wilson (17 Aug 2011)

Get it on a tablet written by God. Otherwise don't insult me and those like me.
Gerry Almond (16 Aug 2011)

I probably shouldn't get upset, but I am bothered somewhat that the "greats" of prophecy teaching hang on so tenaciously to the pre-trib being the same as the 70th week.  I'm afraid that you are right about their not getting the message, though.  I sure ache for them too, such as Van Impe, Lindsay, Ankerberg, and even Hagee.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that if men can't see the obvious, that is, that what we are in now must be tribulation, I don't understand what it will take.  Amazing!!!!

Thank you for your timely and wonderfully worded article.


Gerry Almond