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Afraid I don’t share his optimism. If the progressive-liberal elite are going down they will surely take America to hell with them.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   

Thursday, 11 August 2011

It isn't a pleasant sight to see England burning itself down, but it sure is instructive.  The first thing I thought of regarding this spectacle was soccer - that game which most Americans find so excruciatingly boring it's more aptly called bograkab, bunch of guys running around kicking a ball.

It's also infuriatingly phony - watching skilled athletes in great shape at the slightest interaction with opposing players fall down and writhe around the ground in ersatz girlie-man agony.  If the ref doesn't call a penalty, the fans go berserk in anger.

It's those soccer fans I thought of, not the game itself, for those of Britain have for decades had a horrific reputation for destructive violence.  In 1993, an American journalist, Bill Buford, wrote a searing account of it, Among The Thugs

British soccer hooligans are known as yobs - boys spelled backwards.  But since yobbish behavior is no longer confined to them, and has spread throughout the young British underclass in general, the term has morphed over the last few years into chavs.

Chav is a Romani or British Gypsy term meaning small boy.  Gypsies first migrated to Britain in the early 1500s.  A number of their words have become part of British, and subsequently American slang, such as pal (from "phal," brother) and lollipop (from "lollipobbul," candy apple).  As Gypsies are still looked down upon by other Brits, "chav" is a pejorative slang term meaning "gypsy boy" - teenage or under 30 anti-social violent punks.

chav has become an acronym for "council-housed and violent."  As normal Brits gaze upon the wreckage wrought by the chavs among them, they are realizing how accurate the acronym is.

What the US welfare state calls public housing and its inhabitants "the projects," the British welfare state calls council housing, as it's supposed to be managed by local councils.  Both are warrens of crime, drugs, prostitution, et al, but it's far more pervasive in Britain.  

We complain the extent of the welfare/moocher society in the US, but it is dwarfed by Britain's. 
Over 20% of all British households live in council housing and live off government welfare, with no one in the household having job.  Anyone with any kind of claimed "disability" is given a monthly welfare check - for as long as they are "disabled," which can be and often is for the rest of their lives. Millions of Brits receive Incapacity Benefits because - and they list this in the application - their addiction to alcohol and/or drugs makes them incapable of working.

That the council-housed-and-violent feral children, and feral parents, should be capable of mass looting should come as no surprise, because looting British taxpayers is their way of life.

The search is on, though, to identify the "root cause(s)" of all of this.  Rush Limbaugh says "Socialism created the UK rioters," citing Brit conservative Max Hastings, who says
"Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare-dependent, brutalized youngsters."

Yet socialism or liberal dogma is only a proximate cause.  We need to ask, what is the cause of socialism, of liberal dogma?  It is advocated by an intellectual and moneyed eliteWhat would motivate well-off people to provide lifetime unearned benefits to others?

Those of you familiar with my writings know the answer: 
the ancient primitive fear of the evil eye of envy.  Here's a compendium:

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If you read just one (of course, I think you should read them all!), pick the last.  Or you could read my magnum opus (and longish) on the subject, Aeschylus and America (August 2004).

The single most necessary condition for acquiring or restoring civilizational confidence is the rejection of envy.  There seems to be only one British politician now willing to do so:  Roger Helmer.  As London was burning and the police watched doing nothing while the chavs looted with impunity, he sent out a Tweet saying, "Time to get tough.  Bring in the Army.  Shoot looters and arsonists on sight."

That, of course, is exactly what needs to be done to bring anarchic mayhem to a quick stop.  And of course,
he was hysterically condemned - by British conservatives, who huffed that he "has no place in modern conservatism."  Meaning, British pansy conservatives are just as infected with envy-appeasement as the libtards.

There is no end to the destructive hate of the envious once it is appeased and apologized for.  A chav girl is now famous for providing the justification of her feral savagery:  "We're just showing the rich people we can do what we want."

The question Americans are asking now is, will this barbarity come here?  The answer is that it already has, in the form of the anti-white black racist "flash mobs" phenomenon. 
It is spreading and is going to get worse - because it is being excused and even encouraged by liberal apologists.

A lunatic lib columnist for the WaPo, Courtland Milloy, claimed Tuesday (8/09) that "From London to Philadelphia, Youth Erupting Over Theft Of Their Futures."   It doesn't get more envy-appeasement deranged than this.

The evil irony, of course, is that
it is liberals like Milloy and the Democrat Party he supports who have stolen the future of the underclass by making them welfare-dependent victims instead of productive citizens.  The damage done to them and to America at large by the envy-appeasing liberal intelligentsia is incalculable.

In Britain, this has now led to moral collapse, as so eloquently described by Melanie Phillips.  America is not as far down the road of moral collapse as Britain - yet.  And there is one reason, among others, that we won't descend into moocher mob anarchy:  The 2nd Amendment and its advocates' great achievement, concealed carry laws.

Concealed carry may prove to be America's salvation.  How's this for a cool story? Armed diner shoots robbery suspect.  This guy gunned down a mugger going after his girlfriend, and ‘cause he had a c-c permit, the police said no problemo.  One day and soon, a fellow like this is going to open up on a flash mob attacking him.  Let's hope this catches on.

Another reason we won't descend into British chavism is black leaders like Philly Mayor Michael Nutter, who admonished black teens in a church sermon Sunday (8/07) to "pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt," and warned their parents that if they neglect their children, "you're going to find yourself spending some quality time with your kids in jail."  Here is the entire 30-minute sermon.

There aren't any mayors like him in Britain.  There's no 2nd Amendment much less concealed carry there either.  England once had the civilizational confidence to be the dominant world power for centuries.  Then it emasculated itself in a masochistic orgy of envy-appeasement, and the results are viciously ugly.

American liberals and Democrats have desperately tried to do this to us, and have done so to a considerable degree.  But
we've still got our guns - hundreds of millions of them and billions of rounds of ammo - and we've still got our confidence in our values, our civilization, and the exceptionalism of our country.

Thus the British chav riots and the black flash mobs in our cities will be our wakeup call culturally, just as pathological Dem deficit spending and the resultant downgrade is proving to be the same economically and politically.  The Dems and their destroy-America agenda have reached an apogee, and it's down to doom for them now.

The Brits have given up.  We have not, nor shall we.  We are seeing the cost of the wages of envy, and we are not willing to pay them any longer.  Once we stop paying them, the future of America shall be secured.