Paul Wilson (12 Aug 2011)
"Will you be fooled again??"

Many in Christendom are fired up about some of the candidates in the elephant party believing them ‘divinely chosen’ so I am going to ask: will you be fooled again???? How many thought Dubya was going to be a Godsend and that he would lead us back to righteousness?? We were lied to then (I told people then, 2000, he wasn’t a Christian yet I was shouted down. I didn’t vote for him EITHER time.) and many of the Christians in the nation bought it hook, line and sinker. And where did it get us??? After 8 years of our ‘divinely chosen’ president we ended up with a man in that office some say is the AC.  Some back then and again in 2004 said that he wasn’t great but he was the lesser of two evils (refusing to even consider a third party candidate whose values were true) so we had to pick/stick with him. The lesser of two evils is still ........... EVIL!!! Now we are heading into the 2012 election cycle and again the Christians are being told about ‘divine’ choices in front of them to lead America back to prosperity, back to morality,  and into a new golden age. So I ask again will you be fooled again???
The kingdom we belong to is not of this world we need to stop trying to make it of this world. That is not to say we should be uninvolved but we need to stop trying to find a political solution to a spiritual problem. We are not a chosen nation that cannot be destroyed or will always find favor in God’s eyes. The only chosen nation is Israel and even they were punish by ceasing to be a nation for nearly 2000 years. America is not the ‘city that is set on an hill’ Jesus spoke of in Matthew. Christians are. We need to focus on the true mission of the church and stop trying to play the political game hoping one of these times it’ll work and we will establish a version of the kingdom here on earth prior to the second coming.
Kool-aid is no substitute for communion wine.
Also remember two things: Hitler was ELECTED into office then became dictator and he used the church to help him greatly in the early years before he turned on them.