Paul Wilson (12 Aug 2011)
"RE: To See The Future of the United States Look at Greece and England"

This is the result when a country (the government and the society that is dominate [which is no longer Christian here]) throw God out. I am just surprised it has taken this long. Hopefully the number of innocents hurt will be minimal.
Randy (11 Aug 2011)
"To See The Future of the United States: Look at Greece and England?"

I hope this comes AFTER the Rapture..........but, inevitably, 2 things WILL HAPPEN in the United States...
1) Riots over Government Entitlement Cutbacks, as in Greece.....why?  Becuase NO ONE wants to get LESS from the Government than they have been promised.
2) Riots, as in England, but people who feel disenfranchised....  either due to the economy, government cutbacks, unemployement, etc.  This type of riot wll FEED UPON ITSELF and spread to many of the US large cities.  The "mob" mentality among the young and the poor will help this spread.  They will riot....becuase they CAN.  As in the LA riots year ago.
God help us.......the world (and our country) is already a scary place.  Incredibly, new technology like Facebook will be a tool for organizing like never in in the Middle East.....  who'da thought!!!!
Tick Tock......this fall works for me!