Neil Lipken (27 Aug 2010)
"How to see Elenin (Nibiru) on the Google Sky map, and a warning concerning the nearness of Jesus' coming!"

There is considerable debate going on as to exactly what "Elenin" is.  Is it a small dirt ball / ice comet that will fly by earth virtually unnoticed?  Some think so.  Others think it is a dwarf brown star possibly several times bigger than Jupiter.  Even the very name "Elenin" raises questions.  Is it the same as "Planet X" and "Nibiru", or are these different entities?  IF (I said IF) Elenin is a brown dwarf star as some think, then as reported it has huge mass, so much so that light would not escape from it, meaning it can only be seen with INFRARED telescopes.  What I have just sent to you is the link to "Google Sky".  This will only take seconds of your time, and is incredibly interesting.  Go to "Google Sky" and type in "Mercury" (the planet, not the car!-----sorry for my sense of humor----I should have been a standup comedian---missed my calling!).  You will now see the area of space around the planet Mercury (Mercury is marked as you will see).  Notice that there is nothing unusual visible in the space around Mercury.  NOW GO TO THE TOP RIGHT AND EITHER HIT INFRARED, OR USE THE SLIDER AND GRADUALLY INCREASE THE INFRARED.  WOW!  Look what shows up to the left of Mercury as you do this!  A large black circle with a "corona" of sorts around it.  Exactly as a brown dwarf star (with intense gravity not allowing VISIBLE LIGHT to escape) would appear!  Go back and forth with the infrared slider and notice how it appears and disappears depending upon whether it is under visible light or infrared light.  

I checked NASA's orbital schematic for the inner planets and Elenin, and sure enough, Elenin is to the LEFT of Mercury as viewed from earth right now.  I have in the past sent a number of you NASA's orbital schematic, which you can check for yourselves.

So, why is all this important?  IF (again, I said IF) Elenin is a brown dwarf star, Earth is in for major trouble late September through mid-October, and even into November.  On March 11th of this year the earth passed in its orbit directly between Elenin (at that time beyond the orbit of Mars) and our sun.  IF Elenin is a brown dwarf star, it would have an INTENSE gravitational pull.  Well, on March 11th was the 9.0 Japanese earthquake!  Some think Elenin was responsible for that!  A few months ago NASA released a video warning its employees and their families to get ready for some type of natural disaster.  Now, why would NASA do that?  Would not the Department of Homeland Security do that?  Does NASA know something that we do not?  Right now Elenin is still as far from earth as the sun is from earth, but that is soon to change.  As we move into September, the distance between Elenin and earth will rapidly decrease.  On September 11th Elenin will reach perihelion (closest point to the sun), and as it begins moving away from the sun it will begin its encounter with earth.  On Sept. 26th Elenin will pass directly between the sun and the earth, and IF it was responsible for the 9.0 Japanese earthquake, then a huge earthquake (or earthquakes) could happen on earth that would make the 9.0 Japanese quake seem like nothing!  In the middle of October it will pass directly in front of earth at a close distance of only 22 million miles, and IF it is a brown dwarf star the gravitational effect will be staggering. 

Elenin, IF it is a brown dwarf star will play havoc with the earth in late September and for the next couple of months after that.  It just so happens that we are 63 years into the End Times (as measured from Israel's return as a free, independent nation for the first time in 2669 years in 1948).  Jesus (Israel's long-rejected Messiah) is coming soon at the Rapture.  The Bible is very clear that right before the Rapture happens people will be "eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, buying, selling, planting, building".  In other words, life will be quite normal when the Rapture happens.  IF Elenin is a brown dwarf star, it has the ability to play major havoc with the earth and negate the conditions laid out in the Bible for the time right before the Rapture happens.  It also just so happens that Rosh Hashanah (the Feast of Trumpets) will be on Sept. 29th plus or minus a day or two (depending upon when the new moon is spotted).  A study of Lev. 23 along with many other scriptures reveals that the most likely time in any given year for the Rapture to occur is around Rosh Hashanah (again, the Feast of Trumpets).  

September, 2011 is looming as a huge month on the 20th-21st century timeline.  Not only is Elenin coming in (and Luke 21:25 tells us that there will be signs in the skies in the End Times at the time of the Lord's coming), but the Palestinians want to declare a state at the U.N. later in September (ultimately the antichrist WILL do this AFTER the Rapture), Israel still has the issue of Iran's nuclear situation to deal with (remember, Iran has threatened to "wipe Israel off the map", so Israel is going to do something if they think Iran is about to get their first usable nuke), and finally, an economic collapse is looming on the horizon for the U.S. and other nations.  As for the timeline itself, Israel is 63 years old.  The Tribulation Period (7 years following the Rapture) would make a nice round number of 70 years from 1948 till the Second Coming should the Rapture happen this fall.  And finally, 1917 (Balfour Declaration) + 50 years (jubilee in scripture, or time of celebration) = 1967 (Israel gets back E. Jerusalem and the Temple Mount).  Add another 50 year jubilee period and one arrives at 2017.  But wait a minute.  Even if the Rapture is this fall, 2011 plus 7 years is 2018.  That is one year after 2017.  No so fast.  We are told in scripture that the Great Tribulation (last 3 1/2 years of the 7 year Tribulation Period) is shortened by one third (Matt. 24:21 & 22 and Rev. 8:12).  One third of 3 1/2 years is one year and two months.  So, if the Rapture happened this fall, then 2011 + 7 = 2018 for the Second Coming, but with the "shortening of the days" of the last 3 1/2 years, by our time standards 2018 would actually be 2017!  The "parable of the fig tree" found in scripture is very clear that the "generation" to see Israel's return as a nation will see the fulfillment of all End Time prophetic events right up to the Second Coming of Christ.  That "generation" is us, beginning with 1948!

It would be a very wise thing to do to give up all of man's humanistic religion, and get out a Bible (must be one somewhere around the house!) and read it!  It is a Book of wonders!  God's plan for all of history is in it, and in the year of 2011 we are in the very thick of the "End Times", that period in history which will see both the Rapture of true believers in Christ, and a little more than seven years later the Second Coming of Christ (Israel's Messiah)!  Sadly, and I must say very sadly indeed, most pastors simply want to sweep this topic totally under the rug and ignore it.  I say shame on them!  But the scriptures say that the coming of the Son of Man is JUST LIKE the days of Noah (Matt. 24:37), and in Noah's day hardly anyone wanted to hear what he had to say.  The vast majority perished in the flood, and only 8 survived the flood (II Peter 2:5)!  Same thing is going to happen in the times we are now living in!

My job these past 31 years of teaching end time Bible prophecy has been to educate Christians about the times we are living in (though few are interested), and lately my job has been to warn about what is soon coming----the Rapture and its associated "sudden destruction" on the earth for those who are left here.

Jewish Christian (yes, the two terms are compatible!----Jesus is Israel's long-rejected Messiah)

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From: Diane
Date: Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 5:41 PM
Subject: How to see Nibiru!


Seeing is Believing

Take your laptop or computer and do the following please.

From a web browser type in the following URL.

Google Sky:

  1. Step One: After you go to “Google Sky” you will see “outer space” and the blackness of stars.
  2. Step Two: In the search bar at the upper left corner of the Google Sky screen, type “Mercury” and press Enter.  Again you will see only the blackness of outer space with a little devil like symbol for the planet “Mercury”.
  3. Step Three: Next, find the little button in the upper right of your screen that says “Infrared”.  Click that button.  The screen will turn to a hazy reddish color.

You can now see NIBIRU, in the upper left quadrant of your computer screen.  Please note that you did not have to press the + “Zoom In” slider buttons at all to see this monster.  This view is from the perspective of Planet Earth.  If you hover your cursor over the black ambassador of death, you will see the “coordinates” on the bottom of your screen.  They are:

9 hours / 47 minutes / 59.0 seconds / 13 degrees / 16 feet / 19.3 inches

If you want a feel for how close it is to earth, I recommend you search on Jupiter.  After doing so you will again see nothing but black space.  However, to see Jupiter you will have to click the + “Zoom In” ladder slider about 6 times.  Think about that.  In order for you to SEE Jupiter, you have to ZOOM IN about 6 times.

How many times did you have to zoom in to see Nibiru?  None.

Get it?