Myra (2 Aug 2011)
"Fay re Gerlinda and Myra"

Fay, Brilliant!!  I had to read and re-read but I get it!! 
In my spirit, I've  always felt our Lord would return in September.  No specific year, just September.  Just because changes occur concerning dates or the such, I'm not bothered in the least by that, because honestly, I'm gonna believe what I'm gonna believe and will never be swayed by anything or anyone.  We both know the heron is a connect somehow, for times such as these, and finding Henry this summer is a certain confirmation for me ...... now there's Dale's Heron too!
I have proof Dr. Owuor is truth and likewise the Heron.
Now here's a stretch, you know in your post of Feb. 22 and you saw, I believe it was an ad for a bridal company, named Mae, and you thought it might be pointing toward the month of May?  Then in another ad you said the elevator stopped at floor #5.  You said recently you've been pondering the #5 and what it might mean?  Could it be from and including May, it's 5 months till this September ......... I told you it was a stretch!!!   :)
Ah, to be simple mined.