Mike Curtiss (26 Aug 2011)
"Bruce Baber  Previewing the Antichrist 1811-1812"

Hi Bruce & the Doves,

                    When we look at 1812 historically, the most serious issue of the day was the socialist Empire of France. France invented socialism/communism and regicide. The bloody reign of Terror killed thousands and introduced the world to spread the wealth around leftist politics.
                    Napoleon dominated Europe for 20 years. Called the first modern antichrist by historians, Napoleon was a megalomaniac who lived and thrived after France willingly surrendered to him in exchange for law and order. Exactly the same deal Hitler cut with the German people in 1933
                    Unfortunately, it looks as if Obamas all set-up to stage his own post Rapture coup. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the soul of America.

                                                         Mike Curtiss