Michele Kennedy (9 Aug 2011)
"Stock Market Woes and God's Word"

Deja Vu: Dow Crumbles 635 After Economic, Debt Fears Engulf Wall Street

August 8, 2011

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I just searched the number 635 on www.newjerusalem.org


This number is only found Twice in the NT:


Mark 13:22

Mark 13:22

 ForG1063 false ChristsG5580 andG2532 false prophetsG5578 shall rise,G1453 andG2532 shall shewG1325 signsG4592 andG2532 wonders,G5059 toG4314  seduce, G635  if G1487 [it were] possible,G1415 evenG2532 the elect.G1588


1 Timothy 6:10

1Tim 6:10

ForG1063 the love of money G5365  isG2076 the rootG4491 of allG3956 evil:G2556 whichG3739 whileG3713 someG5100 coveted after,G3713 they have  erred G635  fromG575 the faith,G4102 andG2532 piercedG4044 themselvesG1438 throughG4044 with manyG4183 sorrows.G3601


Very interesting!  Notice the word MONEY?  And it’s number is

5 3 6 5

Same numbers even:  5  &  365


Searching that number 5365 I found something else that seems to correlates.

The verse number 5365 is this scripture:

Deut 16:22

Neither shalt thou set thee upH6965 [any] image;H4676 which the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 hateth.H8130


The Gematria 5365?

Only Twice found:

Genesis 3:14

The curse of the SERPENT/SATAN is declared

Gen 3:14

 And the LORDH3068 GodH430 saidH559 unto the serpent,H5175 Because thouH859 hast doneH6213 this, thou [art] cursedH779 above all cattle,H929 and above every beastH2416 of the field;H7704 upon thy bellyH1512 shalt thou go,H3212 and dustH6083 shalt thou eatH398 all the daysH3117 of thy life:H2416


And Jeremiah 4:31

The Beginning of the Tribulation!

Daniels’ 70th week.


Jer 4:31

For I have heardH8085 a voiceH6963 as of a woman in travail,H2470 [and] the anguishH6869 as of her that bringeth forth her first child,H1069 the voiceH6963 of the daughterH1323 of Zion,H6726 [that] bewailethH3306 herself, [that] spreadethH6566 her hands,H3709 [saying], WoeH188 [is] me now! for my soulH5315 is weariedH5888 because of murderers.H2026


‘Murderers’ are all the Nations that HATE Israel. God will Judge/condemn as He did Satan.


These TWO scriptures correlate with each other in another way, The both are also the same numbers. 4:31  &  3:14