Michele Kennedy (30 Aug 2011)
""30 Days to get to the Bathroom"  DREAM"

DREAM of 30 days



In the dream I was dreaming, and it was declared by a voice from within, “your husband has  30 days to get to the bathroom or the door will be shut.”

My husband was in the dream, dreaming beside me as I awoke, and awoke and declared, “I had a dream, that I had 30 days to get to the bathroom before the door will be shut.”

So he and I knew he needed to  go NOW.

He did go, and came up to  a MAN who was the GUARDIAN of the DOOR, as a ‘DOORKEEPER’ and he stood guard to the door to the ‘Bathroom’.

   *Remember the DoorKeeper Psalm 84:10 and the number the Lord gave me 8410 being 29 X 29 X 10? 

    The 29th of September being Rosh Ha Shannah? 


“IT WAS TOO  LATE!  The door was ALREADY SHUT!!!”



We will think we have 30 days to go, but we DON’T! The rapture has happened already!   

Rosh Ha Shannah falls on a NEW MOON, therefore the reference to ‘30 days’ is the same terminology relating to the NEW MOON.

But the fact that he got up right when the dream occurred and went to the door, but found it ALREADY SHUT, means the rapture will occur BEFORE the 30 days of September! 






My sister came over this morning (29Th) and explained that the ‘Doves’ are in accordance that the 30 and 31s is the day of the  “Dawning of the MOON” beging the RAPTURE!  She cried and so did I.   

We realized that the time was 30 days BEFORE the day of Rosh Ha Shannah.’ I hope it’s tonight the 29th the  day of  ‘Departure’ but the New Moon isn’t till the 31st.



I thought about my dream I posted on the Doves in May about the 30 Days to get to the Bathroom, but the door was  ALREADY SHUT!!!


If the Rapture is to be on the 30 or 31st then the 30 days till Rosh Ha Shannah we thought we had, we don’t!


I don’t know for certain if this is what the dream means, or if it only concludes that when we think not, the Son of Man Cometh!  Be Ready at ALL times Saints!  Keep your garments white,  unspotted by the world and without wrinkle.