Michele Kennedy (17 Aug 2011)
"A personal 'Word' for US from OUR LORD"

I was awakend in the wee hours of the morning with this number 8410 in my spirit. 


At 4:30 am I awoke and decided to look it up.


PSALM 84:10.


Ps 84:10 For a dayH3117 in thy courtsH2691 [is] betterH2896 than a thousand.H505 I had ratherH977 be a doorkeeperH5605 in the houseH1004 of my God,H430 than to dwellH1752 in the tentsH168 of wickedness.H7562


The word DOORKEEPER I looked up and realized the LORD is referring to the Christians who are Watching and Waiting for their Glorious Savior radical rescue!





A primitive root; properly to snatch {away} that {is} terminate ; but used only as denominative from H5592 (in the sense of a {vestibule }) to wait at the threshold: - be a doorkeeper





From { H5605 } in its original sense of containing ; a vestibule (as a limit ); also a dish (for holding blood or wine): - {bason} {bowl} {cup} door ({post}) {gate} {post} threshold.


שׂפק ספק

sâphaq ώâphaq

{saw-fak'} saw-fak'

A primitive root; to clap the hands (in token of {compact} {derision} {grief} indignation or punishment); by implication of {satisfaction} to be enough ; by implication of {excess} to vomit: - {clap} {smite} {strike} {suffice} wallow.


Thank you Father for your great love for US!  We earn to be with YOU and see YOU face to face, in the presence of all Your angels, singing HOLY HOLY HOLY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

This Song was written to be sung by all the Saints as ONE body unto the LORD, Glorifying HIM ALONE.

Listen Here:


ALL our life is For Your Glory JESUS! We give it unto YOU, we Trust in YOU.