Michele Kennedy (11 Aug 2011)
"Sandra's Dream & Interpretation"

Hi Sandra!

Your dream and interpretation witness with me, and the dream I had regarding a Flood that occurred  Thanksgiving.


Sandra,  I believe the Lord is preparing His children (the chosen, elect of God) spiritually through dreams, visions and a spiritual awakening for those He has been preparing.  They are the broken and shaken from what IS COMING upon the world’s inhabitants.


The young girl I believe DOES represent  the Lost;  as you stated.

She is thin, spiritually famished.  Leanness is a picture of weakness and destitute of strength.


The Sandwich /The Bread of Life IS Jesus who  used bread as an illustration of spiritual food, as he did with the fish.  Fish are also a picture of doctrine/teaching.


I recently did a study on this very subject.  I wanted to know Who are the Chariots and the Horses representing in Scripture?  I discovered that the Chariots are the doctrines of men, who are riding upon, or being driven by the Horses/Teachers.   


The Fishes swim in streams and have currents which carry them in as the Horses do the Chariots.

 Jesus sat the 5000 down and blessed & broke the bread (unleavened) and multiplied the fishes and the disciples picked up 7 baskets of fragments left over.  They were to take this and spiritually feed the rest who are then HUNGRY.


The Lion you saw, I would say could also be the devil, who walks around as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  Because the Sun was setting and turned dark and stormy this seems to be indicating the time of the Day of the Lord arriving.


The TSUNAMI is what I saw as well.  The flood of deception is coming upon the masses, unlike we have ever experienced.   The LIE will be swallow, hook, line and sinker by many, many spiritually deadened souls;


Very interesting that you saw wolves running in between the people THEN came the TSUNAMI.  This is about NOW.  These wolves are amongst us all today, masquerading as being one of us, but they are sheep in wolves clothing.  Teachers/instructors of babes, and silly women who lack spiritual discernment and are lead away from the Lord.


They are marketing souls, they are the televangelists out there who are speaking lies, distorting the Word of Truth, twisting His Word to their liking. Sound doctrine is unpalatable to these who have been ‘fed to the full.’  The Good Word of Truth is bitter unto them now.  They have gorged themselves full, and their ears are dull of hearing, their bellies bulging from the honey these false teachers have portioned out to them all.


Matt. 7:15

“ Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ‘ravening WOLVES.’


The Flood will come upon them as a great TSUNAMI, shocking all who see it coming upon them.  Luke 21:25

“There shall be signs in the sun moon and the stars, and upon the earth distress among nations, with PERPLEXITY.  (What? Questioning How? Where?)

The sea (world) and the WAVES (judgment) roaring.

Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things that ARE COMING UPON THE EARTH!  For the Powers OF HEAVEN will be SHAKEN.”

Remember the scripture Once more HE declares I will not only shake Earth but also Heaven.  This is that time.  The Heaven represents the angels who fell, who are going to be shaken out of the flocks; they and all their followers.  Whatever can be shaken, WILL BE!  These spirits use vibrations to manifest into our reality realm.  Interesting this word SHAKEN means to VIBRATE back and forth.  Earthquakes are a physical manifestation of spiritual realm/reality.  These fallen angels/false teachers/false prophets are being shaken out of our midst, sifted and then swept away!


The Lord is calling us to EVANGELIZE, for the fields are WHITE for Harvest!  This is what the Lord has revealed to me personally and not me only but many.  He is called out, set us apart and cleansed us but not for ourselves only.  Now we are called to GO INTO ALL THE WORLD and PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL.


This is the message The Lord has for the church today.  Before the Day of the Lord begins.  SHARE your faith, Declare the Word, Preach and Teach, heal and raise the dead (physically and spiritually both!) and cleanse the lepers ( deadly diseased, cast aways spiritually and physically).

This was His message when He depart into heaven.


He has prepared multitudes for THIS TIME!  The event that is coming will cause many to RUN to the Christians for answers!  They will have a hunger so great for the Word of God!  Will we be ready with His Word as Philip was in Acts 8?

Notice that CHARIOT is only found in this NT scripture?  ACTS 8!  Philip means “LOVER OF HORSES!!!”  So we have here a spiritual picture of a last days scenario appearing to us.


Evangelism will be our greatest work, our greatest joy and glorious crown.  Snatch them out of the fire!


Get ready for They are Coming to US Saints!!!