Mercer (27 Aug 2011)
"Kevin Heckle"


What is the "falling away"? How will we know it? What form will it take?
This is a problem isn't it?
And it doesn 't make sense.
Everything God does is in perfect order. It's percise.
When Daniels clock stopped, God took "another people" onto Himself, the Church. When the full number "comes in" that He has determined, he will take that  people/church for the Bridegroom. He will tuck them away while He deals with His  Israel!!! And while He deals with the unbelievers and those that were "Luke Warm" in the faith. The tribulation will bring a great harvest for Christ.
As I shared with Sherry Vance, your position is a dangerious one.
Your work and study has been a labor of love to be sure.
As I shared with you before, I have read everything on "God's Timeline"