Mercer (27 Aug 2011)
"Sherry Vance-Lewis Brackett"


Lewis is right. We ARE NOT in the tribulation.
Sherry, with due respect to a fellow sister, how can anyone believe "God's timeline"? It's been wrong.
I know, with everything going on, we feel like this is the tribulation. But it is not. This is the "pre-tribulation" tribulation.
Not until the church is plucked from this earth can the "Man" be revealed.
It would be wise for those of you who say we are in the tribulation already to remember Noah was shut in the Ark before the flood. The Angel grabbed Lot's arm and got him out of Sodom, then the judgement fell.. The angel told Lot God could not judge Sodom until Lot was out!!
Even Rahab, a gentile, and in the Lineage of Jesus, was told to tuck herself and family away during the destruction of Jericho.
Let's be careful, of being dogmatic about being in the tribulation.Because much fear can be brought on people. Especially if the Lord tarries. You could cause some to despair.or worse yet, doubt that we do indeed look for that Blessed Hope.