Melissa Costa (24 Aug 2011)
"Earthquake 5.9"

Dear Doves,
I live between Mineral, VA and DC.  I have also lived in Japan.  I knew that was a big one when it started.  My dog's ears went straight up (and he has big ears).  It came in two waves here.  Wasn't sure how bad it would be or where it came from.  We are not near any major quake zones.  At first I thought that the New Madrid had cut loose, but no.  In DC, they thought it was terrorists and evacuated the Pentagon (My husband said no and he has a 3:00 meeting there now and is late...They just called him), the White House, etc.  It hit near Mineral, VA about .6 km deep.  I guess I'll watch the news and see what is going on.
Could somebody be sending us a message?  HAARP?  I don't know.  But, MAN!  It was like a freight train was going through my house!  Eerily familiar, but totally unexpected here on the East Coast.