Matthew (27 Aug 2011)
"Peace in the Midst of Elenin Madness (Part 2)"


Regarding the YouTube video “Elenin – If that won’t convince you, nothing will ever”


However, it’s not necessarily a scientific question, because…

God is the author of science. We know scientific phenomena such as the well established gravitational forces on the earth when aligned with both the moon and the sun create our high tides twice daily. And that Solar flares and storms on the Sun’s surface can effect the earth, even disabling the early electric power grids in our not too distant past. 


But, Elenin scenarios of the earth being devastated on Sept 26th, 2011 is unbiblical.

The claim is that when the coming comet passes between us and the sun on Sept 26th earthquakes around the planet will cause the West Coast of the United States to disappear along with Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, and Russia! Resultant tidal waves are then to demolish much of the rest of costal nations.

Volcanoes are to erupt all over, wind speeds up to 1,000 mph, the earth’s magnetic field would be destroyed allowing gamma radiation to dry up water all over the earth and fry us with temps at 140 degrees F plus, and so it goes according to Alex Retrov and the like… our final demise.


Can astronomical alignments cause seismic activity? Yes. Again that’s not the issue. Will a major earthquake occur on Sept 26th, 2011? Possible. Will global natural destruction occur as described above? That is the question and the one that can be simply answered from the Bible with an emphatic, NO! Regarding the “Elenin – If that won’t convince you, nothing will ever” video the insanity continues. The Cornell published article is not “scientific evidence” contrary to the statement in the video.  Here are their “good reasons to suspect that it is” referring to Elenin:

1.      The Mayan Calendar corresponds

2.      A 230 yr-old Swiss coin has a comet pictured on it with supposed encrypted date of Sept 26, 2011

3.      Hints in TV & movie scripts warning of cataclysmic events correspond

4.      And “Bible Prophecy” in Revelation 12 about a celestial event on Sept 30, 2011 followed by a great earthquake.   


Okay, first of all none of those can hardly be called “scientific evidence” and secondly, read Revelation chapter 12 with the Holy Spirit as your guide, and see if you believe this depicts Elenin passing between the earth and the sun, followed by an earthquake. For heaven’s sake, it depicts the war between Satan vs God,  God in the flesh, Jesus and His virgin mother Mary. Interestingly, there was a celestial event, an alignment of constellations, at the time of Christ’s birth and crucifixion described perfectly in Rev 12:1(See Bethlehem Star presentation)    


So Christian brethren be “wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”Matt 10:16

“The meek will he guide in judgement: and the meek will he teach his way.” Psalm 25:9

But like Moses, a meek person can be bold and courageous. Like Christ as well.

“Learn from me; for I am meek and lowly of heart” Matt 11:29


Lastly, the video concludes with its clear agenda: run, hide, hoard, and be afraid. Specifically, it states…

“Reasons to prepare for this Fall”, “Scientists warning to be prepared for long term power outages and natural disasters”, “If you live near a coast or fault line plan to take a vacation… end of Sept”. Can you imagine the pandemonium this would create if people really headed the advice, and the mental strife it is already inducing. Satan would like nothing better than to distract us with things like this. This “Elenin --If that won’t convince you, nothing will ever” video ends with oh, by the way “whether it happens or not, its always best to be prepared”, “Never good not to be prepared”.


My Bible says to be ready always(prepared) to give an answer(to testify) of the hope within. 1 Peter 3:15

So brothers and sisters let us use our energy to get out in this late hour, and with the Holy Spirit moving  through us reach the lost souls in this dying world.


Put on the full armour of God and stay hidden in Christ!