Matthew (25 Aug 2011)
"Peace in the Midst of Elenin Madness (part 1)"


Congratulations fellow Doves: Lewis Brackett and Robert Belanger(Aug 24) and others for speaking out about what the Bible says regarding coming events.  


As watchmen we do not only speak the Lord’s truth of what is to come, but also speak against what contradicts God’s written Word.  Revelation 6 – 9, and 16 details three sets of seven judgements: Seven Seal Judgements, Seven Trumpet Judgements, and Seven Vial Judgements that get progressively worse. Whether one believes the 1st Seal has already been opened on 10/29/08, or that the Antichrist has not yet been revealed but is just around the corner with the tribulation to follow; we can all agree that quite a number of events need to happen, including the RAPTURE, before destruction across the globe will occur.


As brothers and sisters in Christ we are to share His peace with one another. Eph 6:23,24

Thank you to Jimmy Lishman(Aug 24) for emphasizing this. We do need to be united and keep focused on our Savior and King.


Put on the full armour of God and stay hidden in Christ!