Matthew (22 Aug 2011)
"Re: Comet Elenin & World Destruction"


Dear Doves,

You seek truth; why give credibility to new age psychic, pagan, and pseudo scientist, Alex Retrov, and his comet hypothesis.

His Elenin alignment scenario for Aug 17th failed to produce a major earthquake between Alaska and San Francisco as he forecasted. His next alignment forecast for world destruction on Sept 26th is completely unbiblical.  Considering the massive scale of destruction and human death he makes it plain, this is the end. 

But read the order of events in your bible: Matthew 24, and also see that Alex Retrov’s scenario does not mesh with the book of Revelation either. If you have time to watch garbage videos like the one referenced as “Elenin…a must watch video” than know that it will take you a fraction of the time to read Matthew 24 & Revelation 6, 8,9, & 16 with a resultant knowledge to better help you discern the truth.

Do not let the pagan create unrest in your minds! Rely on the Lord’s Word to establish all things!


The Peace of Christ to all who love the Lord!