Matt (3 Aug 2011)
"Airport - Last Flight"

Dear John and Doves,
This past year God has set my heart on fire for evangelism and I have had many dreams and experiences relating to end times events.
About two months ago I had an idea for a story comparing the rapture to the "Last call boarding" at an airport. Since then I keep seeing people's dreams involving this metaphor. I love it. I am including the two part short story. I wrote part one on my phone while flying to San Diego! They are rough but you get the point.
If this can be used to encourage or witness or spark a conversation to share Christ, please take it, change it, email it, whatever. God has put it on my heart to get out. The time is short!

Last Call

Passenger 1

Meet Dan. Dan is a network security supervisor for a global corporation. Dan has put in his time, worked hard and now enjoys lavish lifestyle that his large salary provides. Of course that comes with a price, travel. Dan has spent many nights away from his wife and kids and their home in Missouri.
That's where we find Dan now, once again, 11pm on December 23rd trying to catch the last flight out in order to make it home to his family for Christmas.
It has been a long trip. very busy, working hard and he can finally relax and put his mind at ease. Enjoying a cup of coffee and a good read, Dan knows he has plenty of time before the last boarding call. It'll be good to get home but he knows it'll be overwhelming with the kids and this is his chance to unwind.
Sitting in the patio seating that spilled out into the concourse, Dan rest assured that he would hear the loudspeaker announce his flight... after all, it's the last flight out. He knew the basic time frame, and that you have to watch and listen for signs, but for now he was content loosening his tie and sipping his beverage.

Many times he heard the annoying hum and crackling voice overhead talking about the flight, that the plane was approaching, people with needs to come. He heard it. But he was in the zone, he had time.

After a while Dan realized the speaker had becoming noticeably quieter. Not many people lingering in anticipation for their flights. He figured it was time to check in at the ticket booth on the status of the flight he found the gate was empty. The people were gone. The flight attendants were gone. The business men were gone, families gone... all the faithful passengers were gone.
It was the last flight out... and he missed it. Dan wasn't getting home for Christmas. Dan missed the final call.

Will Dan get home? Yes, he can still get home, but he'll miss the joy, the fullness, the blessing of Christmas morning with his family. The blessing that comes with waiting, watching, being prepared.

Passenger 2

Now meet Susan. Just an hour ago Susan was racing in a taxi to get to the airport. Susan, also in the same city as Dan, was there with a team from her department for a business conference. While Susan wasn't necessarily the leader, she was the one making the arrangements and keeping the team on schedule throughout the conference. That morning Susan had to run a bunch of errands before meeting the rest of the team at the airport. That was a last minute decision and not thought out well as Susan had all of the boarding passes and the itinerary. What Susan did not have was time. She was running late and getting home to her family for Christmas morning was her only priority at this point. She had to be there!

As Susan raced into the airport she encountered delay after delay. Her luggage weighed too much, she dropped her papers and a someone accidentally kicked the papers sending them flying, one thing after another. She finally got the security and her mind was racing. Susan pulled out her phone to call her team members, she had to give them their passes and info! She quickly discovered that her battery was dead. All of the running around, using GPS, and roaming towers had drained her battery. Surely the gang would find her, they were probably waiting at the gate. Looking at the time on the displays, the flight home showed "now boarding" and Susan's heart raced with thoughts of not making it in time. Her two cups of coffee that morning were making the rest room an urgent matter, but not now, after she was on the plane. She made it to the boarding gate and there was no sign of her co-workers. They must already be on board, she thought to herself as she handed her pass to the attendant. She made it! She's going home in time for Christmas.

A few minutes later the plane pulled away and began to taxi. Inside the terminal a group of four business folks wondered through the terminal. After conversing with a disappointed Dan that they had missed their flight they confirmed with the airline attendant that their co-worker, Susan, had made it and would be home for Christmas. They vented about why hadn't she told them where to go, how she made it but now they would all miss Christmas. Susan had the information but she was too busy in her own situation to worry about them.