Mary Brown (13 Aug 2011)
"Happy Endings"

 One Saturday morning a little boy and his father took a long
 awaited trip to the local pet store in search of a new
 puppy. The dad had been promising the trip for weeks and
 finally, the day had come.  For weeks, the little boy
 had been reading books about dogs, surveying the pets of his
 friends, asking countless questions and waiting for this
 day, ready to make his choice.
 When father and son walked into the pet store the dad immediately
 realized that this task was going to be much harder than he
 had thought it would be. There were so many adorable puppies
 from which to choose. But with determination in his heart
 and confidence in his step, the little boy began his search.
 Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks, eyes and heart locked on
 the perfect dog. Staring at the little boy from the wired
 confines of a small crate was an undersized and fairly
 unimpressive but hopeful black puppy. Following his son’s
 gaze, the dad cringed as he realized that the first puppy he
 had eliminated as a possibility was the very one his son was
The father attempted to re-direct the interest of his son toward a more
 suitable dog. It was not to be. Each time the little boy
 returned to his first choice, the black puppy who was
 grinning at the boy, eagerly pawing at the cage door and
 wagging his tail with great enthusiasm. The dad finally
 asked, “Son, which one do you want?” The little boy
 immediately pointed at the dog with the furiously
 wiggling tail and announced with great certainty, “I want
that one, Daddy! I want the one with the happy