Mary Anna (12 Aug 2011)
"Amen to prayer for John in Josh List (11 Aug 2011)"

Again, Amen.  (In quietness of 5-Doves Postings, our Lord God of Israel, loves & hears our prayers for you, John!  Doves are not unaware of the courage, time and fortitude it has taken!) 

Josh List (11 Aug 2011) "The Best Website Ever!"

A prayer for John:
Lord Jesus, touch our beloved brother John right now.  I pray  protection over him and for encouragement to flood his life right now.   Bless him with full measure and cause his inspiration to continue on  serving you through the avenue of this website until the Blessed Hope.  In  the mighty name of
Yeshua. Amen!

And the Lord Bless you Josh! Amen.

 Mary Anna
Thanks, Mary & Josh!