Mary Anna (1 Aug 2011)
"Lynn (30 July 2011)  "Are Any Doves Feeling This Way?""

"Are Any Doves Feeling This Way?"

Hi Lynn,
    Just finished reading your post!  I understand!  You are not alone!  It's off and on with me!  Quite understandable!  I tend to well-up every time I think of what Christ went thru  because of my sins so I could be forever with Him in heaven!  I can't stand it and have to get my mind off His awful suffering and dying so terribly or I'd be bawling all day long!  That is Only GOD'S LOVE in you!  Your Joy to come is beyond all measure on earth. 

   Take heart!  God promised that His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ would come again and rescue His Own and according to what He told us to look for just before that happened, has and is still happening.  You may be having birth pains of your new life about to be manifested; then JOY is Certain.  Of course you're disappointed about those who didn't reply but, God knows All who'll come to Him!  Prayer changes things! 

It won't be long now, Lynn.....
Mary Anna