Mary Adams (19 Aug 2011)
"A Black Horse in Alaska"

All of my life I have been a person who never was satisfied with just reading or hearing about the things of God---I wanted to experience them for myself.  Raised in a very nominal and traditional church, there was little talk of that possibility ever happening.  Everything ceased with the passing of the first century apostles.  No miracles, no visions, no angelic visitations could be expected for those of us living now.  We had little more to do than collect the money to put up a building, buy the pews, the piano, the organ, pay a preacher to preach us a 20 minute sermon each Sunday.  Every once in awhile we took up a missionary offering and got very "ecumenical" by allowing the "colored people" to come visit us--provided they sat on the back pews. Salvation consisted of reaching puberty, "joining the church"  on Easter Sunday and getting baptized in the church water tank to "wash away our sins".  That was it.
Unfortunately, for the great majority of Christians, that is still "it". 
I think of Gideon.  He was a good, religious Jewish young man.  A Jew.  But he wondered in himself, "where be the miracles our fathers told us about?". 
What a dangerous thought to enter into the heart of any of us!  It is the sign of a restlessness, an unsatisfied hunger for reality!  And why is it dangerous?  BECAUSE  IT IS THE VERY THING GOD WANTS IN EACH OF US! AND IT WILL CHANGE OUR VERY LIVES!  Without this hunger, this curiosity, this desire, you and I can only gnaw on dead men's bones!
I read of the exploits of Elijah and Elisha.  But both are gone.  Moses pointed his staff and a great sea split in two...but Moses is gone.  I read of Joseph and his dreams, but Joseph is long gone.  I read how through all those many centuries, angels visited Abraham, Lot, gave visions and dreams, miraculous events became the history of the Jewish people.  Then Jesus came and apostles were anointed with His Spirit and thousands upon thousands were drawn to God.  Since that event, His church has truly covered the earth "not by might, not by power, but BY HIS SPIRIT". 
 I have been priviledged to have spent the last 25  years doing just that.  Many times I wondered how it might be accomplished. In remote China where we carried Bibles, tracts, and even comic books in Mandarin to tell the gospel story.  When the authorities discovered us, we escaped--hiding ourselves in filthy hotels, cold and without bathrooms except for the hog trough out the back door. We slept under sheepskins.  But God was with us!  We prayed and asked God to tell us what we were to do, as we still had many Bibles and tracts still with us.  I can never forget what question He asked me: "How did I preserve Moses?"  Of course, I replied with the answer, "put him in a little reed basket and floated him down the river"."Then do that to My "moses".  I didn't understand until we passed a village store with some plastic jugs, and we bought several and stuffed them with the Bibles and tracts.  And each little village we passed, we placed a "Moses" on the streams going into each of them.  Authorities stopped us along to roadways, but did not discover our precious cargo nor what we were floating down the streams. 
God has always watched over His Word. And I can truthfully say that this Gospel has been preached into all the world. I was told that in one of the remotest parts of the Himalayians, some Christians put the Gospel into baloons filled with helium and launched them to float over the mountains!  Hallelujah!
Now to the reason I am writing this to our beloved Doves:  I thank God that there is a place where we can share with one another and draw from the Spirit of God what He is doing thoughout the world!  We are so blessed that we have this wonderful family whose zeal and purpose is to be prepared for His soon coming.  We've studied many things together, shared our dreams and visions---as God planned from the beginning. 
 Now I have an exciting thing to share with you all concerning the rapture that is about to happen.  About 3 weeks ago a man in our church was talking with me and shared a vision he had had that week.  He is a farmer, and as he was looking down over his fields, suddenly he saw a huge black horse come racing up to him.  On the horse was a man with a black cape.  He stopped momentarily, stared at the farmer, then turned away and raced off, the horse's hoofs pounding the ground.  He said nothing.
When he told me this, I thought about the 4 horses of the apocalypse and began to read about it in the bible.  The black horse is said to represent famine, but in the scriptures it mentions a scale, and the rider of the horse talks about the price of food being so expensive that people could not afford to buy enough to eat. 
I then went to the teaching on this subject by Dr.Owuor (who has been mentioned in 5 Doves as a prophet in Africa).  It is a very long discourse, but he touches on what God showed him in a vision, that there would be horrible famines as the black horse races to the 4 corners of the earth.  But the rider on the horse said not to touch "the oil and the wine".
I remember that the good Samaritan poured on oil and wine into the the wounded man for healing.  Owuor says that this oil and wine is representative of the Holy Spirit which will bind together the bride of Christ to get us prepared for the great wedding to soon take place at the rapture of His church. 
I thought to myself, what kind of famine?  Food, of course.  But also the Bible speaks of a famine for the Word of God, that in the last days men would go from place to place seeking for it.  Don't many of us eagerly await in anticipation of what is on 5 Doves when we log onto our computers?
Just today I read where the earthquake that destroyed Japan's nuclear plants is releasing radiation at unheard of levels and that millions of people (even here in the United States) are being contaminated. This includes our food chain.  Would the famine spoken about by the man on the black horse be possibly brought about by this terrible disaster?  It might be.  For even if there was food and plenty of it, would anyone buy it if it contained radiation?  What, then, are people to eat?
I believe this:  We are being told to prepare ourselves spiritually for the days ahead.  The BIble plainly says that if we eat any deadly thing, it will not hurt us.  But that only applies to us as we walk and live in the power of His Holy Spirit. 
 Perhaps we might soon anticipate a great spiritual awakening as the world around us gets desperate enough to turn to the Living God before our long-awaited Meeting in the Air.
I am tingling with excitement, beloved!