Lydia (18 Aug 2011)
"Paul's response to Eliane"

Paul, you wrote: "how can one be homosexual and not having homosexual sex?? the Lord say man was made to cleave to his WIFE. sounds like he is saying HETEROSEXUAL to me."
I am heterosexual, but have chosen for some time now to be celibate, because I am no longer married. If I were to choose to have sex outside of marriage, I would be guilty of sexual immorality, just as anyone else would, whether they are gay or straight. If in some strange turn of events I discovered that the only legitimate way I could ever have sex again would be to have it with another woman, I would most definitely choose not to do that. I might still desire to have sex, but I have the God-given freedom to choose not to do so, and I am celibate in my singleness because it is pleasing to my Savior.  But even though I'm not having sex, I'm still heterosexual.

I have read the testimonies of people who made a decision to follow Christ and to leave their homosexual lifestyle. Some of them are delivered completely from their homosexual desires, but I don't believe that is the case for the majority. I don't think it's due to a lack of faith on their part. And don't forget that it's not a sin to be tempted. Every single of us needs God's sustaining power and grace every single day to walk in holiness.

I'm not expressing myself as well as I would like, but hopefully this makes some sense.