Luis Vega (29 Aug 2011)


Do Cultic Symbols/Grid Configurations point to a YEAR?

“So then, men ought to regard us as servants of Christ & as those entrusted with the secret things of GOD.” 1 Corinthians 4:1

The confirmed 5.9 earthquake that hit DC/East Coast of the USA has to date been unprecedented due to lack of fault lines but there is a North American Craton plate that has a ring border where the 37-38° latitude might be corresponding. The cracks in the Washington Monument (WM) incurred by the earthquake are more than symbolic as it is the emblem of the power & might of the Occult’s city. It is a well known & published fact that the DC map-grid layout is tied to esoteric & cultic configurations. Two sources highly recommended on this subject & from which I have taken references are *
The Riddles in Stone & The Hidden Record. All over the city monuments such as the WM pay respect & homage to the country’s former leaders –on surface; it is really used to map out a Luciferian agenda behind the facades -merely overlaid with Judeo-Christian double-speak verbiage. As *Manley P. Hall, instructed the occult, “Use a Christian veneer to mask our symbols & secrets.” (paraphrase)

The WM is known as
Baal’s Shaft, the Needle of Isis; the ‘Builders’ who have erected such monuments venerate the ’Wise One’ (Satan) that is at war with the True Christ. They mock & counterfeit it with their Rosicrucian cross & Skull & Bones (Calvary). They memorialize these aspirations through their monuments/grids like the WM to glorify their Illuminated ‘gods of old; of the Ancient Mystery Religion. They seek to convince Humanity that they want to help elevate & liberate it from the bondage of the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible & replace it with the help & work of Lucifer, The Light Bearer. This is the Secret Societies “Great Work!” of which Paul warms us to get out of. DC is in a state of constant ‘work completion’, aside from natural build-up & progress, the central Mall & surrounding environs mirror the work still needed to be accomplish before the decent of Lucifer can happen. This ‘Work’ calls for the implosion of the ‘Old’ for the ‘New.’

Observations: (refer to PDF Chart link below)
The inverted “Broken Pentagram” protrudes north from the White House (WH). The Knight’s Templar's Cross is doubly configured from it also, and you have the famous Pythagoras Triangle north of the Mall. The Rosicrucian Cross canvases the whole of the extremities of the city map; it is up-side down & is not the Christian Cross where Jesus Cross redeemed lost humanity by HIS shed Royal Blood. Luciferians/Satanists mock & mimic it in exchange for the “Lie” of Lucifer’s alternate plan of redemption & likewise promise of ‘eternal life’ -the same promise he has been feeding humanity since Eve of ‘Illumination” & “Awakening.” The 4 main monuments are at the ends of each arm of the cross with the Owl at its apex at Capital Hill (CH). The WM is off-set & not in direct line with the WH or Jefferson Memorial (JM) but the Grand 33 Masonic Lodge north of the inverted pentagram that also has a 13 step pyramid on top of its Lodge & a “G” shaped building next to it. The Masonic Coffin has a Skull & Bones preeminent, the numbers 555 -correlates to the WM’s height in feet; then you have the long gallery checkered floor Mall, & the Right Triangle at the base. They worship Death. This coffin of death extends from CH to the Lincoln Memorial (LM).


Numeric Measurements of the WM:

   555’ above ground      
+ 111’ below ground  
= 666 Feet
555’ = 6660 Inches

666” Square Base


Cultic symbols of capital (Capstone) hill/seat of government
The mounted Winged-Owl encompassing Capitol Hill symbolizes the
‘All Wise One” that sees at night, ready to descend & perch on top of the pyramid of 13 steps of the MALL and is also crowned by an ’Alien Skull?’ At it’s base, the Eye of Horus or Lucifer is at the heart of the Sacred Scarab or WM; identified by an elongated hexagon. In the Occult, a hexagram is the most powerful symbol of dark magic & gives protection & boundaries. The Scarab is a symbol of the resurrection power over death by bursting out onto the ‘New Order’ & promise of ‘Eternal Life.’ The Capstone of the WM, is also a mirror copy of the one on the Mall grid; it has 13 levels of casing stones. Considering the Possible Year?, if the Mall Pyramid’s base is 1776 as the Reverse Seal of the USA declares then from David Flynn’s research, the year 2012 will be when the change in the Great Work (NWO) will have been completed –meaning, Lucifer descends as that Wise Old Owl to make his earthly physical manifestation complete onto the world scene; politically, spiritual, economically, etc.

IF the map layout is a time/space grid & there are 13 steps from 1776 to the truncated top, then the last 13th piece Capstone would start from 1777.
Using latitude = year count

> 38.96° DC Latitude / 2 = 19.48°
> 19.5°(rounded)  x 12 steps =
234 years
> 1777+ 234 years =

Does the USA only have 234 years allotted to its history as a Republic before the NWO is ushered in by its demise?

The DC city-grid map is also a Star Chart mapping & plotting the “Blazing Star” and/or Sirius -from where many of the Fallen Angels came from that ‘left their first estate’ in the Days of Noah & prior. The Pentagon, Roselyn, VA area, & WH are connected & form similar patterns found in Cydonia Mars. For example if you take DC’s latitude of 38.96°/2 = 19.48°. There is just too much detail to cover; you can overlay the Kabala Tree of Life, the Pyramid of Giza -facing East-West with a slight truncated angle & it fits 99% the DC map-grid alignment. The inside of the Pyramid was not measured until well into the 1800s...

If the DC map-grid is a star/time clock, then the Occult possibly point to a particular
YEAR for the completion of this “Great Work” based on the steps/years of the Great Seal of the US & Mall Pyramid...meaning that the identification & manifestation of the long awaited ‘Architect of the Universe’, Lucifer himself arrives with his Fallen Ones (Aliens?). The USA is being used by occultists that rule the world to usher in their “Golden Age” New World Order; at the expense of the USA. The Rapture – then could possibly take place and the “Restrainer” would be taken out before that ’YEAR’ to let the Anti-Christ have free reign once exposed. Nonetheless, the USA has to be imploded in all aspects to resurrect their NWO out of its ashes –We are witnessing this NOW! in the USA with the economy, education, military & the Presidency. Has the God of Israel, the Creator God of Heaven & Earth sent a very specific warning to America & its cultic leaders of the judgment to come?

We shall see.


Luis B. Vega