Luis Vega (2 Aug 2011)
"THE 70-YEAR GENERATION PATTERN -Are We The Last Generation?"


I have been taking some time off & visiting Joshua Tree Park in SoCal (highly recommend it!) and I was pondering some aspects about the 70-Year Generation study. I don’t have full internet access but as I love to study the “types and shadows” or patterns in the Bible, I wanted to share this with you all for your consideration in the chance I did have.



Are We The Last Generation?

*The restorations or extensions of the Second Temple of Zerubbabel work begun by King Herod I the Great (73-4 BCE) at the beginning of 19 BC. The work went on for more than 60 years after that. When Jesus visited the Temple at the first Passover of his ministry it was said that the place had by then been under construction for 46 years. The work was not entirely finished until 63 AD, only 7 years before the destruction of the entire Temple in 70 AD.

I wanted to know when the 2nd (Herod’s) Temple was ‘officially’ completed & as I researched my hunch was confirmed in that there were exactly 7 years from that decree to the destruction of the Temple by the Romans: 63 years since AD 1 plus the 7 years to make 70 years total. I believe that his 63-7-70 Year Pattern is being repeated in our lifetime - to be witnessed by our Generation presently. I believe 1948 gives us the start of this ‘Repeating’ of the pattern marking a 7 year interval leading up to 2018 as it did leading up to AD 70. IF this is so, then 2011 is yet to turn out to be a key marker year for this pattern. All I want to bring to your attention is the ‘repeat of the 63-7-70 Year Pattern’...but that it just might have a corresponding pattern or relationship -as with the Destruction of the Temple, to the anticipated rebuilding of the 3rd Temple; possibly & the fulfillment of Daniel’s Last Week.  (See chart below).

- A Biblical Generation can be 50, 80 and even 100 years etc. I believe each time frame has its merit and context.
- I am using the 365 day count as the 7 years leading up to the AD 70-Year marker was calculated using 7 365 day counts.
- I am not establishing that 2011 will be the beginning of the ‘Tribulation’ or the Rapture

- The context of the Parable of the Fig Tree was directed to Israel, in my opinion -not necessarily to the Church, the Body of Christ.

I believe that possibly, the “Last Generation” started the Countdown to this ‘repeat of the 63-7-70 Year Pattern’ from 1948 after Israel became a nation. IF so, we are living in the time & place in history Christ foretold us about the Fig Tree Parable (Matthew 24 ) of it being in relation to ‘The Generation’ regarding the issue of the Temple & the Tribulation to come. In the immediacy of the Prophecy, it did come true for that ‘Generation’ -as it did see the destruction of the Temple & the admonition to flee to the hills due to that then ‘Tribulation’ ...but the short-term fulfillment also always casts a long-term shadow of future prophecy projected onto history as a pattern. I suggest only that this ‘repeat of the 63-7-70 Year Pattern’ is a possibility to consider from 1948 given that it is the same amount of years from AD 70 exactly & counting backwards from 2018, by the pattern -you end up at the year 1948.

Luis B. Vega