Little David (30 Aug 2011)
"Yellowstone caldera"

Hi Doves,

Last night, I posted the “188 day interval” indicating a possible 4th location being the Yellowstone caldera as the next big quake on Sept 15th. I erroneously mentioned the quake was rare when in fact the area has thousands of minor quakes or tremors a year due to activity of the magma pressuring the shallow crust. The most recent large quake was in 6/30/1975 with 6.1 magnitude and before that 8/18/1959 with 7.5. Below is a good series of articles for your review.

If you google Yellowstone caldera, there are many interesting information which may be helpful for you to be aware of. With that type of possible disaster in the making, September may just be the month we be waiting for Jesus to come and rapture us. There are so many prophetic things going on next month.

Tick tock, about to chime.
Little David