Little David (29 Aug 2011)
"Luis: A 188 day interval: Are we next? Where?"

Hi Luis and Doves,

When Luis posted the graphics on “188 day interval pattern” on June 26th illustrating the pattern between the three major quakes around the ring of fire with the 4th one to possibly occur somewhere in the bay area of SF on the next 188 day interval: sept.15th, I got to thinking, WOW, that is a strong possibility that God is keeping His appointment for the long overdue BIG one to arrive in CA.

Then just yesterday, another post from RFTH with the above graphics asking about the distance between the oblique square diagram of the quakes. My curiosity got the better of me to calculate the distances of the 3 quake cities and the potential SF area:

Concepcion – Christchurch: 5500 miles

Christchurch – Sendai: 6000 miles

Sendai – SF: 5000 miles

SF – Concepcion: 6000 miles

It’s amazing that the longitude is the same distance, but the latitude is 500 miles difference. Then I was thinking the pattern does not seem right because opposite sides are not parallel. On a flat map, it is not a parallelogram. So I dug out my ruler and start the measuring alignment with SF in question. To create a parallelogram, the north and east sides were adjusted to parallel the south and west side. The intercept is Yellowstone, the super volcano caldera that could explode at any time. To verify, I went to Google Earth for more measurements because of the round world makes the flat map line curve to obtain the shortest distance between points (great circle route). By placing the Google globe compass NNE and drawing a straight line latitude at its widest diameter for the south side (Christchurch meets Concepcion), without changing the compass, I went to the north side and Sendai does go through Yellowstone. For assurance, I measured the same pattern longitude and both sides confirmed their intercept points (Yellowstone-Concepcion) and (Sendai-Christchurch). The distances are the same as above except Sendai-Yellowstone is 5200 miles. Yellowstone-Concepcion is still 6000 miles.
So as you can see, SF may be the most predicable area for a future quake come Sept. 15th, but I think we should keep an eye on the Yellowstone caldera as a possibility. I don’t know if Yellowstone has a history of quakes, but I do know it’s rare for the eastern seaboard to have quakes and look what happened last week. Could the quake in Yellowstone trigger the super volcano to explode as in the Movie 2012? Only God knows. Keep looking up, for redemption draweth nigh.
Little David