Little David (2 Aug 2011)
"Jim and Doves: Jesus is About to Knock on Our Door!"


Yes, Jim. Events are crucial to our rapture date, as you say, within the next 60 days as the fig tree is ripe for pickin’.  So many things are happening right now and are approaching feverish pitch. I don’t see how we can miss it because here we are constantly warned to look up, for redemption is at the door. So many things are happening and going to happen in the next 60 days:

1.       Elenin/Nibiru alignment nearing earth = major earthquakes/tsunami. Alignment = Haiti, Chile and Japan. Are we next?

2.       Debt crisis, falling dollar, rising gold and silver prices, world economy collapsing.

3.       Weird weather, floods, intense heat, crop damage, food prices soar, famines all over.

4.       Apostasy, gays are more prominent in education, laws and pride as in the days of Noah and Lot.

5.       Wars and rumors of war is happening everywhere, nuclear threats from Iran and NKorea. We don’t have the manpower and budget are cut to be “world’s policemen”. All hell breaks loose among nations. The UN and NATO are incompetent and hopeless.

6.       Arab revolts peaking and Psalm 83/Ezekiel wars on the brink. Just take a spark to start.

7.       PLO to declare state next month with E. Jerusalem as capital, if refused, intifada/war starts.

There are many more to list, but we need not to be reminded of these things because all of us Doves knows Jesus is coming at the doors ready to knock.

We’ve learned so much about this here that I felt all of us have become “watchmen”. We all felt the need to spread the Gospel and to win souls, to be counted worthy to win crowns so we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We also felt that in order to create a soul harvest and spread the Good News, we are sending messages to those who are lukewarm to wake up and to those who need to be saved. Time is about to run out and the chime is about to strike at midnight. God want to take as many as possible before it is too late. John’s 5 Dove site with all its members contributing is such an inspiration to me, I felt blessed to be a part of this team that I pray we all meet and celebrate the Marriage Supper of the Lamb together with Jesus.

God Bless you All,
Little David