Linda Landau (23 Aug 2011)
"My Fleece"

Hey, John and Doves!


Well, we all know about throwing out a fleece.  My fleece is a damsel fly or dragon fly.  I just love them.  Some of them seem almost tame.  I have had them to alight on my fingers if I hold my hand out and they will stay for a bit that I get to enjoy them.  In 2007, I asked God to send me a dragon fly if I was indeed going to be accepted as a kidney donor.  I am telling you all the truth – the largest dragon fly I have ever seen (the wing span looked to be 5 to 6” wide.  It landed on my knee and stay there for I know 10 minutes.  It was magnificent!  Its huge eyes were “taking me in.”  I was awed and amazed!  I know some of you have put fleeces out and had answers so I am just like you all are – watching, waiting, praying, hoping for His soon return for us.  I put a fleece out last week, asking that if Jesus was coming really, really soon, would He please let a dragon fly land on my hand.  I was in my parked car with the window down and saw a large dragon fly – I was sure it would land on my hand if I put it out the window.  It did not.  I thought, OK Lord – maybe I shouldn’t be testing You.  Who am I to be doing this anyhow?  Well, tonight, around 10:15, I saw something flying around my bedroom upstairs.  Low and behold – it was a damsel fly.  I finally caught it – cupping it in my hands and took it outside and let it go.  After I came back into the house – I remembered the fleece.  It may not seem a big deal to others but I believe that was an answer from our Lord.  Anyhow, I wanted to share.  It sure lifted my spirit!


God bless you all.