Lewis Brackett (25 Aug 2011)
"Ron, Obama can not be the AntiChrist using your 2008 timeline"

Sorry, Bro Ron, but Obama cant be the AC if you use your fall (October?) 2008 timeline as the covenant with many... According to Revelation, the 2nd seal the Gog Magog war happens shortly after the AC signs the Covenant  followed by seal 3&4 world wide famine and plague....... We have not seen this so Obama is not the AC according to your 2008 timeline......  Where is the TEMPLE where are the sacrifices that the AC stops in mid tribulation which would be April or May 2012 ???  once again, no temple or sacrifices, Obama cant be the AC if the Covenant with many started the Tribulation in late 2008.
Now perhaps Obama could sign a Covenant with many some time in the future and become the AC, but that remains to be seen.
Lewis  Brackett