Leslie Fain (1 Aug 2011)

Hi Lynn
Your letter describes me also!! I am filled with sorrow for my lost family who all think I am nuts also!! I am also sorrowing over my past sins. Our Lord is so close and like you said so many are so unaware what grace is and how holy our Lord is! I had a vision awhile ago where I met the Lord after floating through a tunnel filled with so many beautiful colors that I cannot even describe because there are no colors on earth like them! I became aware of Jesus' presence and I felt so contaminated that I told Him to stay away because I didnt want to contaminate Him but in His love for me He washed my sins away and all I could do is fall at His feet weeping!  People do not understand how Holy He is! I am so ready to go home everything else just seems like nothing. The time is finally here and like Dr Owour says no one will see the Lord without holiness! I believe in two raptures and blessed are those who will make the first one! God bless you!

Thank you John!!