Leigh (8 Aug 2011)
"to SBC, John and all Doves waiting for JESUS"

Sometimes we feel that we are the only ones waiting for JESUS. But reading the Doves is so encouraging knowing that His children are all over the globe and that the me myself isnt the only one suffering. Especially here in Brisbane you dont find many christians and even less in New Zealand. I know thats why GOD gave John Tng to us for I cannot start my day without reading Doves first. Sometimes Im lucky then the new listing is up by 9 pm but most of the times its getting late then I go to sleep knowing that there are others also waiting upon the Lord. Its like the Rapture. You never know WHEN its going to be your lucky moment. hahaha Thankyou John, we are all fond of you, and SBC you description of your emotions is exactly the way I feel! Dr Owuor is doing a great job preparing the Bride for His coming. OH HOW WE ARE ALL LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING OUR BELOVED SAVIOUR!  Love you all. Leigh Australia.