Leigh (4 Aug 2011)
"to  SBC re Dr Owuor's Geneva conference."

Its beautiful to read everything for yourself, about the wedding garment and also listening to the radio broadcast as well.   Go to     Repentance and Holiness   and on top you can see Jesus is Lord Radio. Click there and scroll down to the blue block almost halfway down.  Its got a little map and it flashes       " Definitive moment"    Also I sent a prayer request to them. My previous prayer was answered mightily after about 8 weeks they started praying for me. AMAZING WHAT GOD DOES THROUGH THESE PEOPLE!!! I know the African people because I grew up in Johannesburg and they are like children!   When they receive Jesus as their Saviour it is with all their heart and then they believe every WORD IN THE BIBLE!! Thats why GOD uses Dr Owuor so mightily!!!  You wont find any doubt about GODs Word in their hearts. Another thing is THEY CARE SO MUCH FOR EACH OTHER BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL VERY POOR!!!  They stand together like the people did in Acts.  I go to his site very often,  you will see where you can click for prayer requests as well. I sent in one on Tuesday night. Its so exciting to see how long it takes before GOD answers it. And ANSWER HE WILL FOR NOTHING NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD JESUS AND HIS BEAUTIFUL HOLY SPIRIT!!! ALL GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!  The only thing HE asks is obedience.  GOD bless you SBC  and all the Doves.  Love.Leigh Australia.