Leigh (2 Aug 2011)

Paul, Ive been reading Doves now for about four years but never had the time to read yours. I just want to send you a special THANKYOU for the LORD started pressing me to read your postings. And I wonder how   many beautiful things I have missed. Its just getting better every time!!!!!  There are so many discussions about everything under the sun but DELIVER US FROM EVIL could be the most important thing other than salvation and obedience.  IF ALL OF US COULD PRAY ASKING FOR DELIVERANCE FROM THE ENEMY THE WORLD WOULD INSTANTLY BECOME A BETTER PLACE!!!!!!!!!!   I just want to tell you how I appreciate what you send in to the Doves, I cannot wait for the next one!  I can see the hand of GOD and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your life.  GOD bless you, dear friend! Leigh Australia.