Leigh (15 Aug 2011)
"Two men crying out to GOD FOR A MIRACLE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Dear John  and Doves My friend in South Africa has had two back operations but hasnt money left for the last one. He is in severe pain day and night. The tears are running down his cheeks and he says why doesnt GOD heal him? He says he has been one of the biggest sinners on earth and tells me he even got cross with GOD Who doesnt want to heal him. His wife is one of the best christians Ive ever come asross. She's always told me she will never turn her back on her husband no matter WHAT he does for she loves him so much. I told him that the Doves are going to pray for him and he says he has great faith in GOD! He is now expecting a miracle and it is in our hands to kneel before GOD for this man. Just think what a wonderful day it will be for us if we stand together in this prayer. His name is Norman and he has a fantastic personality you will all just love him. Also please pray for my son.He needs a new job. He got a new boss who is not saved and he is really giving my son a very hard time. Now is the time for us to take hands and help our brothers and sisters in need. There is so much heartache on this world and we can help decreasing it by praying for each other. My son loves GOD very much! I will inform you when these prayers have been heard and HE blesses each one of you who stand with me against the enemy. Luke 10 says if we are part of the Kingdom of God then there wont be lack.  The Lord is my Shepherd I will not lack. Healing is also part of is Kingdom. GOD bless you all and the HOLY SPIRIT guides us in His truth. Thankyou JESUS Hallelujah. Love you all! Leigh.