Leigh (10 Aug 2011)
"to John Doves and Ron Reese"

Hi All, Something amazing has happened the past three hours. I went to this Bible study group who doesnt believe in the pre Trib. rapture and this Kevin read Luke 21 verse 36. I interrupted him and told them thats what most pentecostal people believe.  They just looked at me but nobody took notice of it. Then I read a letter on the other christian site and it says we will escape everything to come and stand before the SON OF MAN!!!  Then I opened my email and read Ron Reese letter quoting Luke 21 verse 36 AGAIN. The Bible says by the confirmation of two or three witnesses the case stands firm. How wonderful it would be to be with JESUS once the Tribulation starts here on earth.  Three times in a three hour period I got the same verse, even read by a group who doesnt believe in the Rapture!!!!  What a mighty GOD we serve!!!  What a pity that a church believes their doctrine but doesnt understand what they read!!!! And then they teach each other, one blind leading another blind.  I think we as Doves should call a day of prayer like say on Saturday that we all call upon the name of GOD for each other to just thank Him for His goodness and mercy upon us and our families that we may know and belong to Him as a family and TELL HIM WHAT A PRIVILEGE WE HAVE ABOVE MANY CHURCHES TO STAND TOGETHER AS A GROUP WHO BELONGS TO OUR PRECIOUS JESUS CHRIST and HIS HOLY FATHER and that WE ARE ALL LED BY HIS BEAUTIFUL HOLY SPIRIT!!   LETS ALL GIVE GLORY TO HIM THIS COMING SATURDAY!!!!  Its not my works of righteousnes but BY HIS GRACE ALONE! LETS GIVE HIM ALL THE HONOUR THAT HE HAS REVEALED THE MYSTERY OF THE RAPTURE TO US and John and to Pastor PERRY STONE. GLORY TO GOD, HALLELUJAH!!!!! Leigh.