K.S. Rajan (6 Aug 2011)
"Message from Joel C. Rosenberg"

The only HOPE now is BLESSED HOPE

"On Saturday, we need to stop everything we're doing--stop working, playing, entertaining ourselves, texting, emailing, Facebooking, eating--and just spend it with the Lord in prayer for our country."
By Joel C. Rosenberg
(Denver, Colorado, August 5, 2011) -- Here's one sobering headline that caught my eye this morning: "Global stocks tumble amid recession fears: Market panic spreads across globe as investors fear double-dip recession." Here's another: "Dow's losing streak now in ninth day; Dow's losing streak unmatched since 1978."

U.S. and global markets have been severely rattled in recent weeks by the inability or unwillingness of politicians in Washington to make the truly serious and dramatic reforms necessary to move our country back from the brink of bankruptcy. Our national debt now equals 100% of our GDP. America hasn't faced a debt crisis this serious since we were fighting for our lives against the Nazis in World War II. Meanwhile, millions of Americans remain out of work. Millions are losing their homes. Nearly 46 million Americans are now on government food stamps. No wonder a stunning 73% of Americans say our country is on the "wrong track."

America is in trouble, morally, spiritually and financially. Yet no one seems to have any answers. The politicians seem clueless. The media certainly doesn't have any answers. Academia seems more out of touch than ever. Sadly, far too many Church leaders are asleep, as well -- or too timid, or drifting off course spiritually and theologically - just at the time they could and should be powerfully proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only real hope of mankind. God hasn't failed us. We have failed God. Christ is ready to come help us, care for us, get us back on the right track, if we would only turn to Him en masse. The Church's job is to be a light to the nations, ours and the world. But too much of the Church is sleeping. We need a wake up call