K.S. Rajan (4 Aug 2011)
"Israel and 1967 borders-obama crisis in usa"


JERUSALEM, Israel - A senior Israeli official denied reports Tuesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ready to accept the pre-1967 lines as the basis for restarting negotiations with the Palestinians. Netanyahu and others have referred to those lines as "indefensible borders."

"The prime minister has been very clear. There will be no return to the 1967 borders. Future borders must be negotiated. They must reflect new realities on the ground and Israel's national and strategic interests," an Israeli official told CBN News.

Senior Israeli Navy commander:
Hamas, Hezbollah threaten our ports and oil rigs

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Weapons carried on the cargo ship 'Victoria' are displayed
next to the docked ship at the port of Ashdod, March 16, 2011.
Photo by: Reuters

Brig. Gen. Yaron Navy warns naval weapons smuggling on the rise; warns next war will see terrorist organizations use missiles that can hit ships, ports and sensitive infrastructure.

Obama speaks of world wide disasters and
disruptive events impact on U.S. economy

William Koenig (in blue shirt) listens to President Barack Obama speak of world wide disasters and disruptive events impact on U.S. economic recovery in the White House Rose Garden August 2, 2011.

Video clip is 21 seconds.

Comments were made during Obama's speech on the signing of debt ceiling bill