K.S. Rajan (22 Aug 2011)
"The Way to Purity by OSWALD CHAMBERS"

Those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart....For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts,murders,adulteries,fornications,thefts,false witnesse,blashphemies.These are the things which defile a man..Matthew15:18-20
Initially we trust in our ignorance,calling it purity.Then when we hear these strong statements from our Lord,We shrink back,saying, "Bit I never felt any of those awful things in my heart."We resent what He reveals. Am I prepared to  trust the penetration of His Word into my heart,or would I prefer my own "innocent ignorance"?If I take an honest look at myself,become fully aware of my so called innocence
and putting it to test,I am very likely to have a rude awakening that what Jesus Christ said is true,and I will be appaled at the possibilities of evil and wrong within me.But as long as I remain under false security of my own "innocence",I am living in a fool's paradise.If I have never been an openly rude and abusive person,the only reason is my cowardice coupled with sense of protection I receive from living a civilized life.But when I am open completely exposed before God,I find that Jesus Christ is right in His diagnosis of me.
 The only thing that provides protection is the redemption of Jesus Christ.If I will simply hand myself over to Him,I will never have to experience the terrible possibilities that lie within my heart.Puriy is something far too deep for me to arrive at naturally .But when Holy spirit comes into me,He bring into center of my personal life the very spirit that was exhibited in the life of Jesus Christ ,namey the Holy Spirit,which is absolute unblemised purity.