K.S. Rajan (13 Aug 2011)


By Paul McGuire

The invisible elite who control America, the U.K. and Europe can use economic collapse to bring in their one world currency and one world economic system. The recent "fake debate," in Washington D.C. regarding the debt ceiling and the budget, basically exposed the fact that, both political parties are controlled by the international bankers. A non-Constitutional Super Congress was put together with 6 Republicans and 6 Democrats, who have already agreed on the program, to put together a deal with the President. Anyone who did not agree, such as fiscal conservatives were, not allowed to join the Super Congress. A Council of 13, including the President will make the decisions for us in secret meetings.

The Congress voted to give over our entire economic system over to international bankers, when they voted late Christmas Eve for the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. The Super Congress will also meet late Christmas Eve, when the American people are not paying attention. These "deals' are always done in secret and in the darkness.

The CFR, through its agents, primarily Sanford Weill, Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin repealed the Glass Steagall Act. The repeal of Glass Steagall allowed for non- transparent financial manipulation, where the international bankers could rape and plunder America and the economies of the world. The present financial crisis emerged from the repeal of Glass Seagall. The only hope in saving the global economic system is to put back Glass Seagall, which protects ordinary people from being robbed by massive global financial institutions which manufacture crisis for money and power. All of this is just a foreshadowing of the one world economic system that will arise in the Tribulation Period.

The elite are using a Green Dictatorship to radically lower the standard of living in America, U.K. and Europe through the use of cap and trade. Their goal is the elimination of national sovereignty and uniting the world to accept a far lower standard of living by moving towards a low carbon society. Most Americans and Europeans have been conditioned or brainwashed to believe that they are actually saving the Planet by not using paper of plastic bags at the stores, driving microscopic cars, turning off their air conditioner and heat, so they either freeze to death, or boil to death.

Indoctrination and social engineering has convinced the people that by using energy-saving squiggly light bulbs that contain highly poisonous mercury they are preventing an environmental holocaust. Failing to read the small print, they do not realize that if they drop these new light bulbs and they explode, they will be rushed to the emergency room and men in white biohazard outfits will vacumn their house. Many years ago, I was sitting with the leaders of the anti-war movement in Manhattan on one of the first Earth Days and I heard them say that since the Viet Nam War was over, that they would need a new cause to mobilize people to create a World Socialist Government and that cause was going to be environmentalism!

The Green Dictatorship has already lost millions of jobs in the U.S. and Europe due to costly environmental regulations and food prices are soon going to skyrocket. This Green Movement will cause billions to die in what only can be describe as mass genocide in continents like Africa because due to food production costs that have been artificially increased by cap and trade.

Meanwhile, the globalists have exempted China from all kinds of environmental regulations and the Chinese are currently building 30 nuclear power plants ,because nuclear power can prevent energy shortages ,if they are constructed safely. According to plan, China will become the world's number one economic super power. Almost all manufacturing and jobs have left the U.S. and much of Europe, making economic recovery impossible.

However, we must remember that the Bank of Heaven is not broke. Read Deuteronomy 28 which is about the blessings and curses, if God's people worship Him. Most of those blessings were economic. With the exception of the Remnant, the population of America, Britain and Europe have turned their backs on the only true God, which is the God of the Bible. In America, we can no longer say, "In God We Trust." As such we are under a curse.

However, the Redeemed of the Lord who are truly seeking His face, will discover that God will supernaturally provided for them! King David said, "I have never see the righteous forsaken or his seed begging for bread." Notice David said, the "righteous" and not the backslidden!

"As long as they sought the Lord they continued to prosper." God is the source of favor, promotion, open doors, creative business ideas, scientific inventions, jobs. good weather and provision.

I explain the hidden agenda behind the planned global economic crisis and how the invislbe elite, along with the international bankers that are using trillions of of dollars in U.S. debt to destroy America, create a world currency and a one world government. No! This is not a conspiracy theory. I document and explain this demonic plan, in my books "That Day the Dollar Died" and ""Are You Ready for the Microchip?" I give Biblical, technological, economic and socio-political reasons for the future we will soon face. In my 3 DVD set series, "American Dictatorship-The Coming Event That Will Change Everything" I explain things like how powerful forces plan to use chaos or crisis to change our nation radically and what you can do about it practically and spiritually.

In "American Dictatorship" I show how the Kennedy assassination happened soon after President Kennedy took the power of printing from the Federal Reserve and began having the U.S. government print our money as the Constitution instructs. I expose how our nation has secretly been taken over by powerful globalists who control both political parties along with the media and how they have infiltrated the church.

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